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The Love in Belize

Have you ever gone somewhere and just vibed with the environment, so much so that it was fulfilling?

Feeding off the energy of the environment, filled off the energy of the people.

And everything was all love, all good vibes.

That’s how Belize was for me, all love.

I feel such a deep love for San pedro and Caye Caulker now I can’t even explain it. My heart feels so full thinking back on it. I had the best adventure.

We stayed right on the beach in San Pedro. I could hear the waves from my bed. The ocean was so rejuvenating and healing. It demanded that I remain present, in awe of its magnificent beauty. The air was so perfectly warm, moisturizing my skin, giving my body and soul everything it needed.

Not a mosquito in sight.

I did experience energy other than love there. I ordered empanadas and a lady smiling told the other cooks in spanish to just give me chicken instead of fish. I asked her in spanish if she was out of fish because I didn’t want chicken. The cashier assured me in english that he had fish and the lady still in her ‘mean girl’ smile showed me the fish she was sprinkling in my empanada. I wouldn’t have believed myself that that was what had happened if my cousin wasn’t also there to witness it.

I was dumbfounded because it was my first time experiencing that energy there. I didn’t even realize what it was or understand it until the following night when we were with a friend we met on the island and he gave us a brief history lesson on the underlying tensions among the people in Belize. At that moment I gained clarity of what I was feeling on the island. Among other things, I was feeling community and all the tensions, divisions, love, fellowship, and protection of a community.

There have been times where I doubted the experience, thinking that maybe I was being a bit melodramatic because I needed a vacation. I ping pong with the idea that I was there too short of a time to love it, but I have to trust myself . I have to trust that feeling, that high, that lift I felt while I was there and every time I think about it.

Belize felt like love. It felt like a home.

Fun Facts:

-The Belize dollar is half the U.S. dollar, so if something came up to 80 Belize dollars it was actually 40 U.S. dollars. They accept both.

-Belize just got their independence in 1981

-Everyone seems to be trilingual, speaking fluent Spanish, English and Creole

-The ocean and reefs off the coast of Belize are very protected. We saw this kid catch a fish off the dock and the owner of the restaurant ran out yelling at the kid to put the fish back in the water. There's also an officer in a houseboat in the water watching for pirates 24/7.

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These little girls in Caye Caulker saw my camera and insisted on doing a photo-shoot and I was like ABSOLUTELY!

During the photo-shoot my shoe fell into the ocean. I had already made my peace with traveling back to the hotel with one shoe when a guy nearby got into the water and went under the dock to get it for me.


I went snorkeling for the first time and it was amazing! The ocean is amazing! One of the places we snorkeled was Shark Ray Alley, where I swam with some nurse sharks, sting rays and other beautiful marine life.

Golf carts are the primary way of travel on the island.


There were so many mosquitos once we went inland to Burrell Boom. I made the mistake of trying to read a book in a hammock and got 29 mosquito bites, I counted. Still a beautiful place.

The entire trip I kept seeing yellow butterflies. I took it as good omens.

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